Recondition old battery

Recondition old battery

battery reconditionDo you have old car batteries lying around in need of replacement? How about you try to recondition them using two simple items that you can easily find at your local shop? Follow this step-by-step method that will help you recondition your old battery and make it work again!

  1. Create a solution with distilled water and Epsom salt

You will have to create a concentrated solution to make sure that this works. Get your hands on a gallon of distilled water and a 4-pound bag of Epsom salt. Heat the two items together and bring to a boil to ensure they’re combined properly. Leave this mixture aside and move on to the next step. 

  1. Take out the acid from the battery

batteryThe next thing that you need to do is drawing out all the acid that is in the battery. Pull off the caps from the battery using the right techniques to enable proper drainage. You can flip it over and empty out the fluid inside into a safe container. 

When you see that all the liquid acid is out of the battery, place the battery away. Mix in the saltwater solution with this used acid to create a new solution. You will be needing this when you refill the battery. 

  1. Rinse the batteries with water and let them drain out

While your mixture stays put in a container, grab the battery and put them out in the open. Attach a hose to a water supply and start rinsing out the batteries from the inside. 

Most of the times, the main reason why batteries stop working is because of the lead build-up. Doing this removes the lead build-up within the battery.

  1. Refill the batteries 

Bring back your battery inside and then place it on a safe surface so that you can refill them. Now, grab the acid and water solution you made and fill the battery with it. This will require a lot of your focus as the solution is dangerous. 

Get your hands on a baster so that you can transfer the solution back into the battery properly. Make sure not to drop any of this solution on your body or the floor as it is highly corrosive. 

  1. Put the caps back on and recharge the batteries

car batteryAll you’re left to do is placing the caps back on the battery. After doing so you will have to charge the batteries for hours to make sure that they are ready. When you’ve charged the battery sufficiently, grab on to your voltmeter to check the volts your battery is giving now. You’re sure to see that it’s close to the original volts is should be giving. 

Ensure your safety

You need to make sure that you carry out this process safely. To do this, you will need to have the right kind of gloves and goggles with you. Keep them on at all times so that the entire process can be completed without any issues. 

This method of reconditioning your old battery is an extremely easy and effective one. Follow these steps so that you can revive your old batteries and save up on replacement expenditures!


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