Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

hybrid battery reconditionRelying on your warranty to replace car parts, especially the battery? What happens once the warranty expires and you need to bear the expense of replacing an old hybrid battery? Lucky for you, you won’t need to spend a large sum to replace your car’s battery. This DIY battery reconditioning allows you to get your old, dead hybrid batteries working perfectly!

Things that you will need

The first thing that you need to do is gather all your supplies so you don’t waste time later. You will need a syringe, voltmeter, battery charger, crocodile cords, and distilled water. 

Safety measures that you must follow at all times

Before starting the reconditioning process, you must make sure that you take the proper steps. Make sure to have goggles and chemical gloves on hand to avoid any mishap. Keep them on at all times!

The Process of reconditioning a hybrid battery

hybrid batteryYou’ll be following a few steps to recondition your hybrid’s battery. Once you’ve got all the safety measures on, you can start with the process. 

  1. Measure the volts of the battery

The first thing that you’ll need to do is measure the volts that your hybrid battery is giving you currently. This will help you identify whether there has been any change by the end of the process. This will also inform you whether your battery is dry or not. 

  1. Fill the battery with distilled water

Next up, you’ll need to remove the caps off from your battery and add the distilled water. With your gloves on, add the distilled water into the battery till you see it overflowing from the holes. Once this happens, measure the voltage again to see an increase in the volts.  

  1. Combine the acid present in the battery with distilled water

The distilled water and acid in the battery need to be mixed to recondition the battery. You’ll need to initiate this process by charging the battery and see if you can see the mixture bubbling. 

In the instance where you can’t see the mixture bubbling, you will need to reverse the negative to positive charge. Wait for a maximum of three minutes and you’re sure to see the mixture bubble up from the holes. The mixture mixes together when this happens.

  1. Remove excess water using a syringe

batteryIf you’ve used the reverse option to mix the acid and water, and then change it back to the original way. Now, you’ll need to draw the excess water that bubbled over the holes. Use the syringe carefully to suck away the excess water and then dry out the cover. 

  1. Place back the caps of the battery

All that’s left for you to do now is charge your battery and keep checking it at regular intervals. Make sure that you place the caps back on the battery properly after your battery is sufficiently charged.

After your battery is charged enough, you measure the volts again and see how many volts you’re getting now. You’re sure to see that it’s giving you at least 90% of what it originally did before! 


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